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The Stranger System supercharges your current apps and devices to level up your routines. The Stranger System becomes your digital hub to take in information, either through the Stranger System itself, with advanced technologies such as Eavesdrop, or from other top tools available in the market (see below for a full list of compatible apps and devices) and then the Stranger System will send that information wherever you want it to go. 

A birthday, a number, the values on dice, a lotto number, serial number on a bill, a location on a map, and SO much more, can be revealed by a stranger on the other end of a phone call, or printed on a piece of paper, or displayed in your Instagram bio, and more. The Stranger System gives you the control to create routines like you never could before.

In addition to the advanced technologies built directly into the Stranger System, click here to see what other tools it also integrates with.


The Stranger System allows you to reveal any of the integrations below in a multitude of ways (outputs:reveals)

Playing Card (Input)

Any playing card is selected or named.

Wikitest (Marc Kerstein)

The WikiTest search word.


Eavesdrop will listen for nearly anything in your conversation: words. numbers. serial numbers on a bill. multiple selections, and SO much more. 

Dicesmith (Benke Smith)

Dice can be rolled and hidden from view.

Inject (Greg Rostami)

Integration with Inject opens up immense possibilities!

Thoughtcast (Benjamin Budzak)

Write anything on the Thoughtcast board.

(Thoughtcast board and  Thoughtcast v2 app with Stranger action required )


Reveal any place in the world thought of by the spectator.

Speaq (Soren Sarbo)

The ultimate smart scale!

The Motherboard

The ultimate chalkboard to reveal anything from the Stranger System. Reveals have been customized to best suit the board.

Nail Writer

With the nailwriter modules (there are three), you can send any information you like, entered prior to your performance, or you can enter it on the fly, quickly!


Send any thought of word from your own Booktest, or anything you can choose. Anything.  

Cubesmith (Benke Smith)

A Rubik’s cube is freely mixed and a live call is made to a stranger. They find their own cube and it matches yours exactly!

iThump (Ian Pidgeon)

A myriad of possibilities are available to reveal numbers on a calculator, zodiac symbols or anything else iThump allows.

Mindbuster (Soren Sarbo)

A spectator can write anything on a pad..
(iOS only)

Doodle (Benke Smith)

Use Doodle to integrate with a variety of impression pads, including Bamboo slates.

Hydra (Shameer Salim)

Display anything in your Instagram Bio or in a Facebook Post.


Unlock a spectators phone and reveal the PIN code, zodiac, and so much more!


Send any reveal to your bluetooth or in-ear speaker.


Send any number.  How much change is in your pocket? What number is showing on the rolled die? Enter a birthday. Convert a number for Pi Revelations from David Penn. And much more.


Read (and write) NFC tags. 

Timesmith (Benke Smith)

Any time can be named and revealed.

Elips (Maxime Helier)

Reveal a thought of artist, song and word from the lyrics and play back the song that is thought of.

Rainman (Moustapha Berjaoui)

This gives you superhuman abilities.
(iOS only)

Prevision (Rene Nijman)

Dynamically reveal anything in a pre-recorded video.

Lumen (Sam Dixon)

Reveal a word, number, drawing, anything written on the impression pad!


Print any reveal to a piece of paper, receipt, or lottery ticket.


Download the App for free from the Apple or Google Play Stores.

The Stranger app is fully unlocked and free for 7 days!


Download the App for free from the Apple or Google Play Stores.

The Stranger app is fully unlocked and free for 7 days!

Please note: for services and integrations that require network connectivity, a strong cell and wireless connection is required.





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