What Now? Where Do I Start?

How Do I Make a Phone Call? 

The Stranger app is so powerful and there are so many possibilities. It can be overwhelming. So, where do you begin? Right here! This Masterclass will take you from zero to Master, step by step. Start with video 1 and go from there. Each video builds on the last. Stop at any point and you’ll be good to go. Keep watching to learn more and take The Stranger even further.  

These videos are best viewed on your computer so you can follow along with your phone. But, watch them, anytime, anywhere as a refresher or to learn more exciting features and techniques!

trt: 6:17

1. Calling a Recording

Your first call. In this video, you will learn to make your first call, with the reveal of any chosen playing card. You’ll be up and running in 6 minutes!

trt: 5:35

1-2. Welcome (Android)

Welcome to the Stranger app on Android!

trt: 5:35

1-3. First Launch (Android)

Accepting permissions and launching the app for the first time.

trt: 4:05

2. Calling a Recording with a Convincer

Add a convincer (or two) to your Stranger performance. Learn how to call a voicemail or a disconnected number recording before making the real call.

trt: 3:23

3. Adding a Recording

Adding Conversation Recordings to the Stranger App. Further modify your performance possibilities with a variety of Conversation Recordings. These may include a male voice, a female voice, as well as people from other countries. 

trt: 10:39

4. Calling a Live Stranger

Take your performance to the next level by calling a real, live person (a Stranger). 

trt: 5:35

4-2. Video Calling (Android)

Understand how to make a video call between Android devices and Android to iPhone

trt: 5:35

5. How Does the Stranger Know What to Say?

Learn about the Texting Subscription and other methods for sharing reveal information with your Stranger.

trt: 5:35

5-1. Texting Subscription Backup

This backup method sends a secondary text to your Stranger to help you succeed on stage!

trt: 5:35

5-2. Push Notifications

This backup method sends a push notification to your Stranger to help you succeed on stage!

trt: 1:04

6. Alerting Your Stranger

Let your Stranger know you are about to start your show.

trt: 1:35

7. Adding a Convincer to Your Live Call

trt: 5:00

8, Auto Advance

Preparing multiple Strangers as backup during your performance. If your Stranger can’t answer the call, for any reason, you will be set to make another call and still finish your performance with success.

trt: 6:20

9. Basic Default Settings

  • Learn to change your call background for your Stranger calls.
  • Customized the number of ringtones that play for each type of call.
  • Turn on Dark Mode for your calls.
  • Customize the Recent Calls list in your Stranger phone app to create a dynamic convincer for the audience and to call. your Stranger back after your call has ended.

trt: 2:22

10. What is a Revelation?

An introduction to what a revelation module is. Revelations allow you to go farther with the potential of The Stranger App, to take your performance to new heights.

trt: 17:08

11. Revelations-The Basics (Playing Card, Nailwriter, Birthday Mode, Pi Revelations, Booktest)

Learn how to use these revelation modules to maximize the impact of your performance. 

trt: 2:19

12. Showing the Revelations Screen

Learn to change revelations on the fly, during your performance, for even more control.

trt: 5:10

13. Revelation General Settings

  • Use Fake Homescreen,
  • Auto Send Reveal Data
  • Auto Send Options

trt: 3:26

14. Combining Revelations

Creating more interesting performances.

trt: 54:21

15. Advanced Revelations & Integrations

Open up your creative possibilities!


  • Wikitest: 3:05 (iOS Only)
  • NFC: 6:30
  • Cubesmith: 11:54
  • Timesmith: 16:25
  • Dicesmith: 17:43
  • iThump: 19:50 (iOS Only)
  • Elips: 23:13
  • Inject: 26:05
  • Mindbuster: 27:01 (iOS Only)
  • Rainman: 29:41 (iOS Only)
  • Send to Device Mode: 31:09
  • Peeksmith: 34;05
  • Glyphs: 38:12 (iOS Only)
  • Hydra: 42:20
  • Doodle (Pitata, Oracle, Bamboo): 47:47
  • Send to Speaker: 52:00

trt: 12:04

15.1: Prevision

trt: 12:04

15.2: Mindbuster (Coming Soon)

trt: 12:04

15.3: Nailwriter 2 and 3 (Coming Soon)

trt: 12:04

15.4: Momo (Coming Soon)

trt: 12:04

15.5: Elips (Coming Soon)

trt: 12:04

15.6: Reorder Revelations (Coming Soon)

trt: 6:41

16. Custom Convincers

Create your own convincers. Record directly in the app or upload an .mp3 file.

trt: 2:09

17. Convincer Settings

Customize how your convincers work best for you.

trt: 9:01

18. Custom Conversation Recordings

Create your own recordings to reveal anything!

trt: 20.44

19. Editing Your Custom Conversation Recordings

Learn the process to edit, save and upload your custom conversation recordings.

trt: 13.38

20. Apple Watch

Use. your Apple Watch to enter reveals for playing card, number, nfc, booktest and the listen module.

trt: 40:48

21. Listen

The Listen module is so powerful, it gets its own video! Take a deep dive into all the possibilities of the Listen module.

trt: 8:44

21.1: Listen: Cancel (iOS Only)

An added layer of security! If you know the listen capture won’t be exactly right during the performance, you can cancel and start over without ever touching your phone!

trt: 4:13

21.2: Listen: Confirmation Peek (iOS Only)

Once processing is complete, confirm the result before sending and restart the process if needed.

trt: 4:59

21.3: Listen: Birthday Mode

Listen for a birthday during a conversation and then send the birthday, or the zodiac, or both to your Stranger or another app or device.

trt: 2:29

21.4: Listen and Pi Revelations

Reveal the Pi Revelations info (page number, line count and character count) by simply saying the four digit number!

trt: 10:25

22. Apple Watch & Listen

Take a deep dive into all the possibilities of the Listen module, controlled by your Apple Watch

trt: 8:52

22.1: Apple Watch & Listen with Confirmation Peek

Confirmation Peek on the Watch. Reset with a tap or using the accelerometer.

trt: 3:09

23. WiFi Calling

Use the built in VOIP platform to make your call even when you don’t have a strong cell signal. Also make video calls between Android phones as well as Android and iPhone.

trt: 29:19

24. Borrowed Phone

Use a borrowed phone to make the phone call! Never touch your own phone.

trt: 1:39

24.1: Borrowed Phone: Silence Unknown Callers (iOS Only)

Be aware of this important phone setting to ensure success in your performance.

trt: 18:55

25. Extras

Other cool features!

  • Dial Screen Bottom Bar: 00:35
  • Peek 2:48
  • Send Fake Number (and City): 4:50
  • Push Notifications 7:43
  • Custom Alert Messages 14:05
  • Saving and restoring our settings: 16:09
  • Video calling between Android and iOS: 17:25

trt: 3:56

25.1: Send Fake Number Manually

Give your Stranger a heads-up, letting them know what number is being called, and if in the U.S.A., what city they live in.

trt: 2:54

26. Your User Portal

  • Take control of your account in your personal user portal.
  • Upload your own custom conversation recordings and convincer recordings.
  • Logout of the app when needed, right from your user portal.
  • Enter your third party app IDs and sync directly to your app.

trt: 2:54

27. Pathways

(iOS Only)

  • Take control of your account in your personal user portal.
  • Upload your own custom conversation recordings and convincer recordings.
  • Logout of the app when needed, right from your user portal.
  • Enter your third party app IDs and sync directly to your app.

Won’t you be my stranger?

The Stranger WhatsApp groups have members, Strangers, that all want to help each other. Each member is an owner and user of the Stranger App. You can put a request into the group to have someone be your live Stranger. Anyone that is available will respond within the group and work with you to make your performance a success!

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