What Now? Where Do I Start?

How Do I Make a Phone Call? 

The Stranger app is so powerful and there are so many possibilities. It can be overwhelming. So, where do you begin? Right here! This Masterclass will take you from zero to Master, step by step. Start with video 1 and go from there. Each video builds on the last. Stop at any point and you’ll be good to go. Keep watching to learn more and take The Stranger even further.  

These videos are best viewed on your computer so you can follow along with your phone. But, watch them, anytime, anywhere as a refresher or to learn more exciting features and techniques!


Your first call. In this video, you will learn to make your first call, with the reveal of any chosen playing card. You’ll be up and running in 6 minutes!

Won’t you be my stranger?

The Stranger WhatsApp groups have members, Strangers, that all want to help each other. Each member is an owner and user of the Stranger App. You can put a request into the group to have someone be your live Stranger. Anyone that is available will respond within the group and work with you to make your performance a success!

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