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Performance videos

Tannen’s Magic Camp 2019

Tokyo, Japan

Rubik’s cube Match (CubeSmith Revelation)

Instant Booktest (Booktest Revelation)

Magic Castle

Long Beach, California

Monrovia, California

Magic Live 2019

instructional videos

Please note: With the purchase of this app, the performer may present this app in any live performance setting. 

Use of this app on or in television, film, or internet is prohibited without the prior written permission of Jonathan Levit.

Please contact me directly at jonathan@jonathanlevit.com to request permission.

Please note: With the purchase of this app, the performer may present this app in any live performance setting. 

Use of this app on or in television, film, or internet is prohibited without the prior written permission of Jonathan Levit.

Please contact me directly at jonathan@jonathanlevit.com to request permission.

Revelation Modules


Madtad tips!


Recording previews

Default: Quick

Default: Man

Default: Woman

Poor Cell Reception (In-App Purchase)

Portugal: To the Point

Brazil: Waiting for a Friend

USA: Mem Deck

USA CubeSmith Convincer



What is it?

The Stranger WhatsApp groups have members, Strangers, that all want to help each other. Each member is an owner and user of the Stranger App. You can put a request into the group to have someone be your live Stranger. Anyone that is available will respond within the group and work with you to make your performance a success!

How do I join?

Each group in different countries and regions will have their own requirements for being invited into the group. In the United States, there is a simple vetting process before you are brought into the group. This process is intended to help you become a better Stranger to others. This way, each member will know they are in good hands when being joined by someone in the group. To join in the United States, please visit https://thestrangerapp.com/index_textgroup/. To join in other regions, please reach out on Facebook, asking to be a part of the group and the facilitator will reach out to you.

how do I start a group in my country?

We currently have WhatsApp groups in the U.S., Canada, the UK, and Germany. If you would like to start a group in your country or region, please reach out to me and we will help you get it started!


Most frequent questions and answers
When your 7 day trial ends, you’ll be able to unlock the app by purchasing one or more of the revelation modules.
The playing card module gives you access to the playing card conversation recordings as well as the ability to call a live stranger. This module is $149 USD. The other revelation modules are offered at varying prices:
Nail Writer: $49 (Requires texting subscription)
Booktest: $99 (Requires texting subscription)
Number: $99 (Requires texting subscription)
NFC: $99 (Requires texting subscription)
Listen: $199 (Requires texting subscription)
Pro Pack: The Pro Pack unlocks the Nailwriter, Booktest, Number, NFC, or Listen modules for $100 off the price of these modules if purchased separately. Please note the Pro Pack offer will not be available if any of these modules is purchased on their own.
Texting Subscription: $3.99 per month. This service will send a text message automatically to your Stranger with the information from any of the modules. 
The CubeSmith, Wikitest and iThump integrations are Included with the texting subscription.

For iPhone, the most reliable tags to use are formatted as NTAG 213. Keep in mind the the size of the tag. Generally, the larger the tag, the stronger the antenna, which will allow the tag to be farther away from the phone to be read.

If your NFC tag or your object with your NFC tag, is not placed on a metal surface. The metal can disrupt the reading of the tag with your phone. Please be sure to test your environment before performance. 

Once you have registered your account (which you have done if you are viewing this page now), you will want to set your region and add a contact to be your Stranger for a live call.

To set up your region, visit the Settings by clicking on the menu button at the bottom of your screen. Then scroll down to the option for “Region”. Here, you can choose from 30 regions, currently. 

When you choose your region, several elements will change within the app:

  1. The phone number format will change (please keep reading for more info on calling other countries)
  2. When you place a phone call to a recording, the ringer tones will match your tones from the selected region.
  3. If using the convincer of disconnected number recording (Sequence 1 or 3 on your Home screen), the recording will match what you would hear in the selected region.
  4. The phone screens (dial screen and active call screen) will display the appropriate labels under the on screen icons.

Conversation recordings may be available for download into the app. This update will bring conversation recordings in 23 languages. If your language is among these 23 and you do not see it yet in the list, they will be added shortly. If you have any questions about your language, please reach out to me at admin@jonathanlevit.com.

To set your first contact as your live Stranger, in Settings choose “Default Stranger” and select someone from your Contacts. This is the person that will be called if you choose this option. You are able to add up to 9 Strangers in your Settings. These can be changed as you like. Read on for more information about multiple Strangers. Please note that you will always want your Default Stranger to be active.

You can now call other countries and the phone number format will be correct.You can place the call as if you are local in that country, or as if you are calling from outside that country. If you are making a local call, the phone number format will match the region you have selected in your Settings. If you are calling another country that is different from the region you have selected, simply dial the country code first. To access a plus sign, long press on the zero on the number pad.

You now have the ability to preview and download new recordings (both conversation and voicemail) into the app. In the main screen of the “Manage Recordings” section (found in the Settings), you will see the list of all the recordings currently in the app. There are four recordings that are grey and defaults. These are the original three recordings and voicemail convincer that appeared in the app when it was first released.

From this list of recordings, you can choose to disable, and re-enable them (The “X” and the Green Arrow). When enabled, they will appear as choices in your Home screen, Practice screen, and Settings.

This screen shows you the recordings (conversation and voicemail) that can be downloaded into the app. The conversation recordings are used to reveal a playing card. This includes recordings in different languages. There are also recordings that can be purchased and made available for download. 

Please note: Be sure to verify if your language is included in the list of available recordings by clicking on the dollar sign before committing to a purchase.

To access the scripts, with timecode for the recordings, please visit the Practice screen and click the link at the bottom. This will bring you to the member website where you can download scripts in PDF format. Please note that all scripts for all languages are not yet available and will be uploaded to the website as they become available.

You can record your own voicemail convincer that will be used in Sequence 1 or 2 of the Home screen. To record, press the Record button, then Stop when finished. You may preview and then save the recording. Once saved, the voicemail will appear in your list of recordings in the main “Manage Recordings” screen.

Please note: when you save the recording, the audio file is sent to the server for processing and then returned back to the app in an enhanced quality. The preview you hear prior to saving will be of a lower quality than the saved version.

You are now able to select up to 9 Strangers from your contacts, in the Settings screen. Each will have a toggle button to the left of the name. If this is set to “on” then this Stranger will be made available to choose from the “Quick Select” button on the Home screen, enabling on the fly selection during a performance.

Please note: The first Stranger is your “Default” Stranger. This entry should always be filled and turned on. So, if you intend to only have one Stranger active, please make this your Default Stranger.

If this option is turned on, the app will auto advance to the next Stranger that is active (the toggle button is turned on) after a call session is ended. If the texting feature subscription has been activated, and the auto advance feature is engaged, when the alert text as well as the text message with the name of the card is sent, they will be received by all Strangers that are turned on. This means, that you can dial a number and if, for some reason, your Stranger does not pick up the phone (poor cell reception, phone battery died, etc), you can dial another number without leaving the dial screen and the next Stranger in your list will be called.

Please note: If Auto Advance is turned on, please make sure that one of your active Strangers is your Default Stranger.

The Joker can now be selected, or named, by the spectator. For the magician, in the card selection screen, the Joker will be available as a button alonside the buttons for the suits.

Please note: Not all recordings contain an option for a Joker. In these cases, the Joker button will not be available. Please be familliar with the recording you are using prior to performing so that you may note whether you can use a Joker or not.

Jonathan Levit

get in touch

I'm here to help. If you have questions or just want to share an idea, reach out to me.


Jonathan Levit

get in touch

I'm here to help. If you have questions or just want to share an idea, reach out to me.

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